CDC Confirms 33 Deaths Due To Lung Related Disease EVALI

Around 33 people have lost their lives due to mysterious lung-related disease in 24 states. It is an alarming situation for health officials as nearly 15,000 people have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Officials are still clueless about the cause of the illness. 78 percent of the patients are using a product that contains THC. THC is a chemical, which is responsible for marijuana’s mind-altering effects. Although 10 percent of the patients said that, they had used vaped nicotine but the officials have not ruled out the use of the substance as a potential trigger for EVALI. Thirteen years old has become the youngest person to die of vaping-linked illness.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention has said that EVALI is an e-cigarette and vaping related product use associated lung injury, which has primarily struck young adults. CDC has confirmed nearly 80 percent of patients are in the age group of 16 to 35 years. The oldest patient to be diagnosed with a life-altering disease is 75 years old. However, the vaping illness can strike anyone, but men are among 70 percent of the affected cases. Health officials have said that the mysterious illness resembles pneumonia with common symptoms like fatigue, nausea, severe cough, shortness of breaths and vomiting. Patients diagnosed with the disease, have felt the severe onset of symptoms, which resulted in immediate hospitalization.

Health officials have taken several measures to deal with the dreaded disease. One of the well-known companies Juul that ventures in e-cigarettes has suspended the sale of its popular fruity e-cigarettes. Trump’s administration policy has shown a clear sign to ban all the flavored vaping products from the market. The first lady Melania Trump organized a listening session with nine teenagers in the blue room of the white house. The first lady talked about the growing trend of vaping and substance use in adolescents and how it is affecting their lives. President Donald Trump also joined the listening session to interact with young adults.