Motorola Planning For a Rerun to High-End Smartphone Sector In 2020

Since its acquisition by Lenovo, Motorola has been making some good mid-range phones consistently. However, for quite some time, it has not released any flagship-class device. The Moto Z3 was close to a high-end Smartphone, but after that, Motorola is only focusing on mid-range devices. The latest Moto G series and one lineup have got great reviews, but hardcore Moto fans are longing for a high-end device. However, things can change in 2020. The recently unveiled MotoRazr, which is a revival of the iconic yesteryears Razr model, is by no means a mid-range device. It is made for a niche class of buyers and comes with a hefty price tag for the spec.

The latest announcement by Motorola indicates that the company plans to re-enter the lucrative premium Smartphone sector and has ambitious plans. Sergio Buniac, the Motorola president, spoke at length about the company’s future plans at the Snapdragon Tech Summit of Qualcomm. The foldable display Razr was just the pioneer in that direction. This declaration is in sync with another statement the brand made back in August. In the last few years, the company carved out a niche for itself, after reaching a near extinction state in 2011. The Moto G and X lineup have helped it woo back midrange Smartphone buyers, and the more recent One lineup has also consolidated its position. Now, it wants to grab a share of the premium segment, which sees the dominance of Samsung, Oneplus, and other Chinese entrants like Oppo.

For a long time, Motorola has not sold any device that crossed the $500 mark. The sole exception is the new Razr. The upcoming premium Motorola device will be a 5G compatible phone, and it will battle it out with the Galaxy S series of Samsung and OnePlus. While Motorola has not said anything on the price of that device, it is likely to be priced upwards of $500. The chief marketing and strategy officer of Motorola, Francoise Laflamme, said it is no use making a $399 5G device as it would mean leaving out many high-end features.